Pre 5

Welcome to the pre-school section of the website. We hope you have fun looking at our photos and finding out what we have been getting up to.
Fàilte gu na duilleagan sgoil-àraich. Tha sinn an dòchas gun do chòrd e ruibh.

Freddy Frog/Lachaidh Losgann

We feel that it is very important that the children know what they are learning about and are involved in the planning process. As a tool to help us to achieve this we use the character Freddy Frog or Lachaidh Losgann (Lachie Loshkan). He tells the children at group time at the beginning of the session what he wants them to learn about and we record the children's ideas using the interactive whiteboard or in a floorbook. We also display our weekly learning intentions on the parents noticeboard. If you would like to know more about this process please ask.


Learning journeys

When your child starts at Sgoil Araich / Pre-school we start compiling a special book with them. This will include photo's and examples of work which celebrate their achievements and development. Over their time with us this builds up into a lovely record of your childs' first two years at school. We also include our observations on your childrens development in the different areas of the curriculum. The children are very much involved in what goes in to their special books , choosing what goes in and having conversations with staff about their work. They love their books and often get them out to look at them and share them with their friends. You are welcome to come in any time to look at your child's learning journey, we will also be sending them home every term so that you can share them with other family members. They include visitors pages for anyone who looks to leave a wee comment.